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HPA-FAIP, a NEXION s.p.a brand, is a full-range Garage Equipment supplier, with specialities ranging from mechanical engineering to system automation, to proprietory software development.
The commitment of HPA-FAIP
consists in developing in full the potential that lies in the technological skills, experience and dedication of its competent team of engineers, in close co-operation with Commercial Partners covering most of the world markets
Leadership in the Italian market was confirmed and reinforced in the years; expansion continued in Export Markets.
Sustained investment in technology was aimed at innovating and updating all product lines, with emphasis on Wheel Aligners and Brake Testing Systems 
Out of the complementary character of the two original Firms, the foundation was laid for a new full range operator in the Garage Equipment Industry.

HPA-FAIP derives from SIMPESFAIP company founded in April 95 and was born from the merger between Simpes, Italian market leader, focusing on electronics with HPA brand, and FAIP, a strong export-led producer of electro-mechanical equipment.

HPA-FAIP team develops, manufactures, distributes and services products in over 80 National markets .

The HPA-FAIP brand benefits from the NEXION production plant in Prato di Correggio near Reggio Emilia.  

The plant is fully operative from June 09; some production processes are concentrated here, and all with a high level of automation (sheet metal laser cutting, component bending and welding, and semi-finished product painting).

Designed to work in absolute safety and fully respecting the environment, the plant covers a surface area of 20,000 sq.m.

The internalisation of the above-mentioned processes will produce all the advantages of “extreme“ automation:  the rationalisation of both production and stock, greater efficiency, and - the main goal - a shorter time-to-market thanks production times reduction.

Pictures of production plant in Prato di Correggio (RE)

The commercial and service structure of HPA-FAIP has also been reorganized in order to assure a service aimed at better satisfying customer requirements.

The "Major Customers", the "Special Projects" and the help desk for after-sales service departments have been moved to the new head office in Prato di Correggio.
These departments are now in the same place as the other company sectors and the production plant; this will allow a more rapid and efficient answer to market requests.

HPA-FAIP, a proactive and innovative company which, continues to pursue quality and innovation. The goal of HPA-FAIP remains to grow and establish a leading presence in the Garage Equipment market as a full-range supplier of products and of engineering and counselling services.

So, now more than ever... Stay tuned on HPA-FAIP !


When, in 1928, the Danish entrepreneur, Hans Peter Andersen took this pictures his Company was already a significant presence in the sector of vehicle testing equipment.
From then on, and in the course of over 80 years, the brand HPA (the initials of the Founder's name) has gained an experience in vehicle diagnostics which is probably unique in the industry.
As electronics and information technology accelerated the pace of development in the sector, HPA-FAIP was ready to interpret in a modern fashion the traditional leading position of HPA.

Foto storiche


Standing high among the Industries historical brands, FAIP was established in 1963; with the F68 tyre changer FAIP took its place among the leaders of garage equipment industry - from this root came a new wheel balancer and light lifter line and, later, a new wheel alignment system.
Based in Modena, the Company grew steadily on International markets, concentrating efforts on developing its own technology and service capabilities.


NEXION S.p.A. -   Sede legale: Strada Statale 468 n°9 – 42015 Correggio (RE) Italy
Sede operativa: Via Dinazzano, 4 - 42015 Prato di Correggio (RE) Italy - Tel. 39 0522/736087 

COD. FISC. 06260730012 – Partita IVA 01700320359  – 
Registro imprese RE 06260730012 – 
R.E.A. RE 207099 – Capitale Sociale Euro 10.000.000 i.v.